Previous camps and field trips

Arid Recovery, Roxby Downs

YACCA visited Arid Recovery in October 2015, during our three nigh stay YACCA members learnt how to use pitfall traps, caught and released endangered animals such as the Burrowing Bettong, Western Barred bandicoot, Greater Stick Nest Rat and Greater Bilby. YACCA members also learnt how to identify scats and tracks as well as native flora.


Aldinga Wahspool

YACCA was asked to complete macro-invertebrate surveys at the Aldinga Washpool. Large scale erosion is leading to increased sediment load being deposited into the Washpool. The data YACCA gained was used for research on how sediment is affecting waterways.

Fauna monitoring at Tatachilla ecoclassroom

YACCA regularly attends trapping nights at the Tatachilla EcoClassroom, where members monitor the population of bettongs and potoroos using cage traps. Purposes for catching the animals is to assess the health and age of the animal by measuring tail width and length, foot size and weighing the animal.


YACCA attends yearly reef monitoring programs at the Aldinga Reef. Here we measure sediment on the reef, identify crustaceans and molluscs as well as assess plants on the reef. Data is collected to better our understanding on what life is present on the reef.

Swamp Fest at Stipiturus Conservation Park

YACCA has now been asked two years running, to take our members to monitor the aquatic life at Stipiturus Conservation park. Members show younger kids around the swamp and teach them about frogs, tadpoles and the macro-invertebrates living in them.

Wirra Planting Day

As a part of our continual site management with the Willunga Trees For Life group, YACCA participates in annual planting events at the Wirra Creek, Willunga. We plant a range of native understory plants and participate in regular working bees.



YACCA has been involved in monitoring local populations of the threatened hooded plovers. Members survey local beaches to identify sites where hooded plovers are nesting and assess the health and safety of the chicks.


Cape Otway Camp

In October 2016 YACCA visited Cape Otway, Victoria. We completed quadrats at significant vegetation sites where fires had passed through. We were also lucky enough to visit the Conservation Centre for Ecology where we met an endangered tiger quoll.

Fish Monitoring

As Autumn starts YACCA put fyke nets in the Willunga Wirra Creek to monitor Mountain Galaxias fish numbers. The placement in the creek has to ensure the most traffic of fish, and our hope is to catch and release as many fish as safely as we can.

STipiturus Swamp Creekline

With Mark Bachmann from Nature Glenelg Trust, April 2017 we helped to divert the Stipiturus drain to reinstate a meandering creekline. We filled many a sand bag, and the end result was a fantastic flow diversion.

Ngarkat Camp

In April 2017, YACCA visited Ngarkat Conservation Park past Tintinara, South Australia. We set out two pitfall trap lines as well as Elliott traps, and caught two Western Pygmy Possums. We also helped the local ranger on some restoration works on a ruin at Buck's Camp, and will be excited to see the finished product.