YACCA is an environmental youth group that educates young people about the protection of the environment. It connects youth with community groups and encourages the development of projects that protect and maintain environmental welfare.

Our Mission

To educate youth on the environmental issues that exist within their community and throughout the greater environment. To empower them to act positively towards natural environmental restoration and preservation. 

What We've Achieved

  • Expanded our group throughout the Willunga district to educate young people on environmental issues
  • Revegetating to create habitat for fauna
  • Connecting young people to pre existing community groups
  • Educating members on skills in seed collecting, propergation and revegetate
  • Expose members to different terrains
  • Giving members skills in animal trapping and handling
  • Working with council to revegetate and create a NaturePlay site
  • Creating a space where young environmentalist can share ideas, discuss issues and plan positive actions